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Sage Software: Sage Fixed Assets Provides Better Business Insights

Published on: Oct 25, 2017

Sage Fixed AssetsSage software offers many specialized packages to help companies in various industries maximize their products. Sage Fixed Assets provides accounting features with multiple methods of tracking and calculating asset depreciation. Because it is a Sage software product, it integrates easily with other packages include Sage ERP versions.

Why is Sage Fixed Assets valuable for wholesale distributors? Let’s take a look at a few distribution challenges wholesalers may face, and how Sage Fixed Assets helps them respond to such challenges.

Challenge 1: With so much data available, it can be challenging to collect and analyze it all.

Wholesale distributors need to collect data on their fixed assets to make better business decisions. Just because a forklift or truck is several years old doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. A two-year-old forklift that breaks down constantly requiring costly repairs may justify replacement before a five-year-old workhorse that needs only routine maintenance.

Through Sage Fixed Assets, you can track many data elements for better business decisions. Track book value, replacement value, and depreciation of each asset. Use this data along with maintenance records and other data from your Sage software to analyze assets in a logical manner. Because it integrates with your general ledger system, you can also assess its impact on your finances easily and quickly.

Challenge 2: Wholesale distributors need one system to handle all of their business needs. It’s difficult to cobble together disparate systems to handle accounting, finance, assets, and more.

Sage software offers much more than a solution to one problem. Sage Fixed Assets, for example, provides a comprehensive package of accounting, finance, purchasing, inventory, fixed asset management, and much more in just one package. Because it is all in one package, there is no need to fuss with getting all of the different systems to “talk” to each other. Sage integrates them all into a package built for wholesale distributors.

Challenge 3: Wholesale distributors need mobility as part of a software solution. Fixed assets may be in multiple spots such as warehouses, offices, and loading docks.

Mobility isn’t just a nice thing to have these days. It’s a must-have for almost every industry, and that goes for wholesale distributors, too. Sage Fixed Assets offers a mobile solution that allows your team to work anywhere, anytime. It’s flexible enough to work on the back of a truck as you scan items into receiving as it is in the warehouse to scan items going out to customers.

Sage software like Sage Fixed Assets includes barcode readers. These readers can scan and update records on your assets, like scanning barcodes on trucks, forklifts, shelving or other equipment. It doesn’t matter if such equipment is on a loading dock, a warehouse, or in the office. You can take your interface to Sage Fixed Assets and your barcode scanner with you wherever you go.

Other Great Features for Wholesale Distributors

In addition to these helpful features for wholesale distributors, additional features include an import/export assistant to help you manipulate existing data; custom reporting and formatting options, so you always get the report that you want and need; historical tracking; and alerts when inventory is overdue. Windows Mobile barcode readers enable multiple users to use the system at the same time, with simultaneous synchronization of data.

Wholesale distributors may feel like the hidden partner in many systems, without software to support their needs. Sage software heard your needs loud and clear and developed Sage Fixed Assets just for you. It’s a great way to streamline your business, improve efficiency and enhance productivity.

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