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Sage People Helps You Become a “People-Centered” Organization

Published on: Dec 20, 2017

Sage People

Over the past several months, we’ve discussed how your organization can become a “people-centered” organization. Sage software, such as Sage People, can help you improve human resources management throughout your company so that you nurture your employees’ professional growth.

The benefits of becoming a people-centered organization are many. In past articles, we’ve taken a look at many of these benefits, including higher employee retention, lower turnover rates, and improved productivity. Now, let’s take a look at the practical steps you can take to become a people-first company.

Sage People: Sage Software Automates the HR Process

Automating the human resources “transaction” processes is a great way to save time so your HR department can focus on people, not paperwork. Sage People provides the tools you need for self-service to simplify core HR processes. It is a cloud-based package that includes:

  • Self-service management of employee information.
  • Benefits management.
  • Payroll management.
  • Onboarding tools to help you attract and welcome new employees.
  • Recruitment tools.
  • Maximizing employee performance by identifying skill development, monitoring workplace development tasks and more.

Sage People integrates well with other Sage software products, making it a great addition to your company’s suite of productivity-enhancing software. Automating HR puts the emphasis where it belongs—on the people within the organization—by using software to manage tedious and repetitive tasks.

Use Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics aren’t just for the finance and accounting departments. Human resources professionals can also use BI reports and data from their Sage software systems to understand the staffing challenges their organization may face, identify training needs, and more.

Never Stop Marketing

Your company probably has a terrific marketing department. Human resources should view its activities as an adjunct to the marketing department, too.

The way in which you portray the company to potential employees and the general public is vital to help build and sustain the company’s brand. HR should be invested in the brand and view their role as “brand ambassadors” equal to anyone in operations, customer service, or sales.

As builders of the corporate culture, the HR department never stops marketing the company’s vision and culture to others. By continuing to promote the company, you’ll always be recruiting and marketing, providing an attractive view of the company to future and potential employees.

Design Great Work-Related Experiences

Great work-related experiences aren’t just about time off, dress down days or free donuts (although that’s all great). It’s about identifying challenging projects, supporting teams, and ensuring that people have a good work-life balance.

When employees are happy and fulfilled, they become more productive. This, in turn, fuels others to be more productive. It generates a positive cycle that supports itself and builds an organization that’s always improving.

Add People-Focused Roles

Although the job titles may sound fluffy, if you’re serious about transitioning to a people-focused company, adding such roles as Director of People, People Scientists, and Business Psychologists can make a big difference. Their jobs are to ensure a people-driven culture. They can lead the company in the direction that you desire as a people-focused company.

People First at IWI Consulting

If putting people first appeals to you, we can connect you to the right software to support your efforts. Sage People, part of the Sage software group of products, is a great choice to support human resources automation.

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