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Sage Business Cloud: All the Sage Software Your Company Needs

Published on: Feb 21, 2018

Sage Business CloudSage software’s Sage Business Cloud is all the software your company will ever need in one convenient, cloud-based system. Cloud software can save your business money and offers exceptional convenience and flexibility.

According to Forbes, hybrid cloud adoption grew from 19% to 57% among all organizations surveyed. Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private cloud environments. This trend points to a common theme: businesses are embracing cloud software for its ability to save money and improve productivity.

Sage Business Cloud: The Future of Software

Sage Business Cloud offers a comprehensive bundle of software products to meet a business’ every need. Because these products are bundled together and developed by the same parent company, they are ready to synchronize and work harmoniously from the moment you start to use them. No custom programming or other special resources are needed to use all the products found within the Sage Business Cloud.

Within this package of Sage software, your business can access:

  • Accounting software to handle basic and advanced accounting functions, including general ledger management, accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, and more.
  • Financials, which enables you to see at a glance how your company is doing this quarter compared to last, make intelligent projections, and more.
  • Enterprise management, which pulls multiple data together into one system for dashboard-level performance views.
  • People and payroll, enabling you to manage critical human resources tasks with ease.

In addition to including all the software you need to manage your business, Sage Business Cloud includes marketplace applications that link it to Salesforce, Microsoft products, American Express, and others through APIs that make it easy to connect them to your favorite products.

Why Use Sage Business Cloud? Easier, Better, Faster Access

Why are so many businesses switching to the cloud? The answer is simple: the cloud offers faster, easier, and better access to the products companies need to run their businesses.

Not so long ago, companies had to purchase multiple software packages, including accounting, finance, and reporting software. Some added tools such as a CRM system. Then, along came human resources management software. Additional software to enhance manufacturing productivity and manage warehouse and fulfillment processes added to the range of products companies would purchase.

After the initial purchase, companies frequently had to spend additional money, annually, to upgrade their software each year as updates were added. And, of course, purchasing software from multiple vendors might require the addition of a business intelligence suite to run reports, custom reporting functions, and paying a programmer to integrate all these solutions.

With Sage Business Cloud, everything is included in the cloud. No more costly upgrades; when software is updated, it is updated for all customers subscribing to the cloud-based model. You don’t need to worry about upgrades.

All Sage software products are designed to work in concert, so there’s no need to hire a special programmer or developer to get them to play nice with each other. More importantly, if you’d like to add to your base suite with other Sage products, it’s easy and fast.

Cloud software offers so much for the money that it’s surprising only 57% of companies (according to the previously cited Forbes study) are migrating to the cloud. Sooner or later, all companies are likely to migrate to the cloud when the benefits become apparent.

Sage Business Cloud from IWI Consulting Group

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