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CADLINK for Sage X3

CADLINK for Sage X3

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Increase the speed and accuracy of data flow from sales to engineering, purchasing and production

Streamline your product development process by integrating your CAD systems and your Sage solution. CADLink by QBuild will free up your engineering staff to do engineering rather than spending time inputting data in multiple systems. With CADLink, you will see significant improvements in time-to-market, on-time shipments, and Sage engineering data accuracy.

CADLink by QBuild lets your engineers create Item Master and Bill of Materials (BOM) records in your Sage ERP, that are identical to your CAD models, with the click of a button. Whether you need to send BOM data from your CAD model to your ERP system, generate CAD models from the ERP configurator, or connect your Engineering to Production, QBuild has a solution to maximizing efficiency and minimizing work redundancy.

Here are just a few features of CADLink integrated with your Sage ERP.

  • Eliminate duplicate, manual data entry of engineering data in your Sage ERP with direct CAD integration
  • Perform live search in your Sage ERP Item Master and insert raw materials and non CAD modeled items to your BOM
  • Generate an Excel BOM export and a change summary PDF report with just one click
  • Write back to your CAD model properties to keep your CAD engineering data in sync with your Sage data

Our experience has shown that using CADLink will pay back its investment in six months or less. Contact us to learn more.



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