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Sage Live

Sage Live

Custom, Powerful, Cloud-Based Business Software for Small to Midsize Businesses

Sage Live makes powerful, customisable business software available to small and midsize businesses. With its cloud-based, Salesforce platform, it offers complete collaboration, real-time mobile data, and data intelligence to help you grow. You can link your sales, accounting, banking invoicing, and payments with the world-leading Salesforce CRM. Then you can customize your solution even further by choosing from over 3000 apps on the Salesforce App Exchange.

With Sage Live you gain these key features:

Single view of your business:

With Sage Live, there is no need to sync your data. Instead you can receive live newsfeeds and notifications and then drill down to get more details.

Multi-dimensional General Ledger:

You can track financial performance any way you wish including by territory, team, project, and more.

Support for multiple devices:

Sage Live can be accessed from any device so you can work the way you want.

Personalized business reports:

With reports and scoreboards that are customized to your needs, you can track key performance indicators and define workflows that fit your organization.

Global accounting:

Even small businesses need global accounting in today’s world. With Sage Live, you can create a consolidated view of your global business and have multilingual support that meets each country’s requirements.