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Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

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Are you lost in data?

As a business you collect data all the time that needs to be used to make those critical business decisions. However if you are like many of today’s businesses the data you are collecting is being held in disparate silos of information.

What this scenario creates is time intensive man hours to build those reports that are instrumental in making effective business decisions. Often the end result of this disjointed process is that reports arrive too late to have any meaningful impact on decision making.

In an ideal world you would get these reports instantaneously from anywhere and anytime you need them.

Using Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you can now bring all these silos together to deliver real-time meaningful reporting that allows management to make those crucial business decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

The benefits of Sage Enterprise Intelligence are numerous:

  • Integration with Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3), Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and most ERP systems
  • Ability to tie multiple data bases together for real time reporting
  • Automation of your reporting process
  • A drag and drop technology interface for simplified report building
  • Improvement of supply chain performance.
  • Resolution of quality issues.
  • Building a faster and larger sales pipeline.
  • Powerful search and browsing capabilities.
  • Drill-down and drill-up capabilities to see transaction details.
  • Consistent sharing of up-to-date information to support coherent decision making.
  • Notification of managers and executives of critical events affecting the business.
  • Provision of elegant, graphical reports for timely review.

Contact us about how your business can improve productivity, envision success and accelerate growth with Sage Enterprise Intelligence. It’s time to turn your business dreams into reality.

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