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Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

barcode scanning brochureDiscover the Power of Barcode Scanning

IWI’s Barcode Scanning Inventory Module for Sage 300cloud is a web-based solution designed to streamline your inventory operations. The module cost-effectively automates your time-consuming manual processes thus increasing employee performance along with reducing human errors.

Streamline complicated inventory processes

If you are looking to automate your inventory management, improve accuracy, and increase productivity, this solution was designed for you. Not only do you receive wireless barcode scanning capabilities and mobile software access, but you also can streamline complicated inventory processes and automate every step of inventory management.

The following features and benefits are just a sample of what you will receive from IWI’s Barcode Scanning Inventory Module for Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300):

  • Purchase Order Receipt: Match received shipment to the original PO
  • Direct Receipt: Direct items to the proper warehouse upon receipt
  • Sales Order Shipping: Match shipped items to pick sheet, reducing picking errors
  • Inventory Count: Accurately count inventory at any time and receive real-time updates in your ERP system
  • Stock Transfer: Scan and transfer items between company locations
  • Serial & Lot Tracking: Assign items to specific lot and serial numbers

Download The Power of Barcode Scanning to learn more about how you can improve your inventory management.  Contact us for your complimentary assessment and demonstration.