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New from IWI: Sage Live

Published on: Jun 21, 2017

Sage LiveThe latest Sage software release, Sage Live, offers exceptional benefits for small and midsize businesses. Now with one single dashboard, you can manage all parts of your business and view important information. It brings efficiency and simplicity into the complex business environment as only Sage software can do. With the cloud technology of Sage Live, you can unleash the power to grow.

Many ERP systems are now moving to the cloud, so what’s different about Sage Live? Sage Live is built on the Salesforce platform, so you can link your sales, accounting, banking, invoicing, and payments with the world-leading Salesforce CRM. You can customize your solution even further by connecting to over 3000 apps on the Salesforce App Exchange.

Sage Live, the Latest Sage Software for Business

Sage Live offers many benefits. These include:

  1. Improved efficiency: Eliminate repetitive or low-value tasks. Sage Live can help you conquer repeat tasks so that time is freed for more productive things.
  2. Single solution: A single solution eliminates the needs for a bevy of software packages. Multiple software solutions may not integrate easily or at all, and it can be time-consuming to share data among them. A single Sage software package like Sage Live enables you to have one whole, integrated solution without hassle or custom programming.
  3. Real-time information: Analyze and run your business the way you want to with real-time information. Sage Live updates immediately so that no matter when, where, or how you access the system, you’ll get accurate real-time insights.
  4. Your business, your way: Redefine how you run your company. It’s your business, so run it your way! Sage Live enables you to work remotely or for staff to work from home. Mobile access via cloud technology helps you run your business on the go from any internet-connected device.

Features of Sage Live

Sage Live offers features tailored to small and midsize business. Features include:

  1. Single view: Access all of your company’s data in one place. Use that data to derive business insights for growth and maximum potential.
  2. Global accounting: A powerful, real-time accounting software package offers multi-lingual support that meets your country requirements. Get a consolidated view of your global business.
  3. Improved communications: Sage Live connects users through a common interface so that you can share and receive information from team members and individuals from within the program
  4. Multidimensional analysis: Use real-time tracking to measure, monitor, and analyze your business performance across multiple metrics.
  5. Customizable dashboard and reports: View your dashboard and reports the way you want to – you can customize both in the system.

IWI Consulting

Contact IWI Consulting Group for more information about Sage Live and how it can benefit your business. We provide software and support for a wide range of industries throughout the Toronto area. For more information, please visit IWI Consulting Group or contact us today.