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Manufacturing Software Solutions: Better Cyber Security

Published on: Apr 04, 2018

manufacturing software solutionsAmong the manufacturing software solutions you may be considering, cyber security, or keeping data and systems safe from hacks, leaks, and viruses, should be top of mind. You may have a terrific IT team that pays a great deal of attention to cyber security, but it takes just one data breach to seriously damage your company’s systems and reputation.

IT World Canada published facts on the cost of data breaches to Canadian companies that may surprise you. In 2016, the average cost of a data breach, as assessed by studying 27 Canadian companies, was $5.78 million, or $255 per lost or stolen record.

Can your business afford manufacturing software solutions that are less than state-of-the-art? With so much on the line, it pays to find secure software from well-known manufacturers who understand the potential risk to your business.

Preventing Cyber Threats with Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software Solutions

You don’t need a computer science degree or expensive software, either. Much of this protection comes from applying good old-fashioned common sense to your computer use and teaching your employees to do the same.

  1. Update your software: You know those annoying update notices that pop up on your screen every now and then? Instead of ignoring them, run them. Software manufacturers sometimes issue updates and patches when holes in the software code are exploited by hackers to spread viruses and malware. Older software is more vulnerable to problems than newer software, and updates help prevent and protect your system. Run those updates and invest in new software or better still, cloud-based software, which typically features even better security than company-housed software.
  2. Add virus protection: Software that scans incoming emails and checks websites before allowing you to enter them also adds a layer of protection to your online interactions. Some virus codes can be picked up just by visiting an infected site. To prevent this, software that scans sites for safety can help you avoid problematic places online.
  3. Improve password security: Change your passwords monthly and ask your staff to do the same. Instruct them to use complex passwords that include upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Strong passwords incorporate phrases that only the user knows but are hard to crack. Avoid sharing the same password among different systems or websites. If one is hacked, that password can now be used to access any other places online that share it. And lastly, don’t share passwords by email or tape them to your computer, especially mobile devices. That’s just asking for someone to steal them!
  4. Switch to the cloud: Cloud-based software such as Sage Business Cloud products offer excellent data security. Not only is your data protected behind numerous firewalls, but it’s backed up frequently on the cloud. Cloud-based systems can protect your data better than most on-site systems.
  5. Teach your team simple email protection: Many hackers use simple tricks to enter systems. They send “change password” emails that pass the glance test or look great at a glance. Others send messages asking the recipients to click a link to access information or to change passwords. Never click links in emails unless you are sure they come from the company itself. When in doubt, close your browser, open your internet browser again, and manually enter a website username and password to check on your account. Simple precautions like this can save you a world of trouble later.

Avoid the Headaches—and Costs—of a Data Breach

Data security breaches can be costly, not just in terms of the financial impact but in terms of customer trust and goodwill. Many companies spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage caused by data loss and compromised data security. Others find that they lose customers after a major data breach. Even if the breach isn’t your company’s fault, customers will still see it as a reason to take their business elsewhere. Good data security can help you retain customers.

Although you can’t guarantee that your data will remain secure, taking these simple precautions can help you prevent costly problems later.

Cloud-Based Software Offers Additional Protection

Cloud-based ERP systems offer additional layers of security between your company and cybercriminals intent on stealing data. Cloud providers invest additional money into security because they know that they are protecting not just their own assets but those of their clients. Sage software has an excellent reputation in the industry for providing quality software that works well over the internet. If you’re considering adopting ERP software this year, consider cloud-based products such as Sage Business Cloud.

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