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Increasing Food Manufacturing Transparency with Sage X3

Published on: Feb 10, 2016

Transparency in food manufacturing is achievable with the right technology and enterprise software. Food manufacturers need greater traceability and data visibility in order to meet increased demands by regulators and consumers. Every step of production is impacted from the supply chain to manufacturing to marketing. This broad range of impact makes enterprise software a key factor in streamlining tracking and providing information visibility to all who need it.

We have taken a comprehensive look at the importance of transparency in the food manufacturing industry and how to achieve it in different areas of your business, in previous blogs. We also offer a free whitepaper on the subject. You can find them here:

With Sage X3, an ERP tailored for food manufacturing companies, you can gain transparency in all of your business operations.  It can help you collect, store, manage, and act on your operational data for improved transparency. Transparency tools include recipe and formula management, shelf-life management with expiration date control, GMOs and origin labeling, traceability into recalls, expiration management, sustainability, and allergen-free production. Sage X3 is a robust and adaptable technology platform with industry-leading mobile options.

With built-in best practices, Sage X3 will help you to:

Improve operations. Sage X3 can give you a full view of your operations. The enterprise software will help you make decisions with real-time insight into your production processes to ensure consistent product handling and tight quality control. With Sage X3, you will reduce food wastage and increase efficiency.

Manage goods with detailed tracing and tracking. An ERP system that is made for food processing offers the level of traceability needed by this industry. Sage X3 has sophisticated tracking and tracing capabilities built in.

  • Continuously monitor best-before and expiration dates to optimize the flow of raw materials, WIP, and finished goods items.
  • Automatically trace ingredients from receiving through batch production and across every product manufactured.
  • Track products through all the process stages and quality checks until it is delivered to the customer.
  • Expand lot tracking to include WIP and finished goods on an item by item basis. Pinpoint lots in minutes from procurement through manufacturing and sales.

Proactively address safety issues. You will always be ready for a food safety inspection or a recall with Sage X3. The ERP’s software easily provides the essential documentation to demonstrate adherence to food safety management, production control, quality assurance, record keeping, and transparency. The product’s strict controls reduce the potential for product cross-contamination of product and has allergen warning information readily available for label printing with automated tracking.

Accurately forecast demand. Sage X3 powerful business intelligence will produce more accurate forecasts to control costs and build on revenue opportunities. Food companies deal with volatile supply and demand. Weather affects crops and transportation or new trends appear and, suddenly, you have too much or too little stock. Good business intelligence can help you predict changes in supply and demand so you can keep your inventory at their optimum levels.

In addition to offering enterprise software that is specific to the food manufacturing industry, IWI Consulting Group has the expertise you need to implement technology and support your business. We understand your unique needs for transparency, traceability, and food safety. Contact us if you would like to transform your business to be more transparent.