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To effectively choose, implement and use software for your business, you need to leverage your software consultant. Make the most of your software consultant to make the overall transition as streamlined and efficient as possible. You can do this by planning and asking the right questions to get ahead.

Owning a small or medium-sized business can be extremely challenging, especially when you are lacking the same amount of resources that large organizations have. How do you compete with their ability to target larger audiences and offer services or products faster and more efficiently?

When it comes to owning a small or medium-sized business, one of the biggest pain-points has to be dealing with your finances and accounting. It’s a huge time-investment and there are a number of opportunities to create errors that can end up being costly.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term used to describe all the ways in which an organization interacts with current and potential customers (also known as leads). An organization with CRM will design and use guidelines, principles, and practices, all for the sake of enhancing the customer experience in order to retain and grow their customer base.