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Factors within an ERP System that Lead to Globalized Business Success

Published on: Mar 10, 2015

Global ERPLast week, we took a look at the rewards and risks associated with companies attempting to globalize. We also discussed how ERP software can respond to these and assist in building the foundation needed to be an international business that has success. You can learn more by visiting here. Now that we know that enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are foundational to mid-sized global business success not only for your business here in Toronto or within Canada but throughout the world, let’s take a closer look at the factors that lead to this success and can assist you in finding an ERP system that fits the bill. The selection and implementation processes associated with this must be carefully prepared and planned, and these factors can help guide you in those processes.

ERP Success Factor Needed for Successful Company Globalization: Agility

Global competition is tough, and a business must be able to beat out the competition in terms of reaction time and efficiency. In essence, it is all about being agile. Agility can be achieved with ERP software that keeps up with internationalization’s functional and technical demands. Flexibility and simplicity are essential in solutions that can keep up with complex application areas and diverse business processes.

ERP Success Factor Needed for Successful Company Globalization: Suitability

As a mid-sized business in the Greater Toronto Area, you will need to be careful that your ERP system is suitable for the needs you have to become more globalized without being an overly cumbersome and expensive solution that was actually designed for large corporations with unnecessary robust functionalities that are costly to a business your size. A suitable ERP software should be modular meaning it is available in different versions. This will allow all requirements to be accurately met while also being scalable. In addition, the solution should be quick and straightforward in how it is implemented. Standard processes should be pre-configured for ease of use, and these processes should be able to be adjusted quickly and on an individual basis. User operations should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

ERP Success Factor Needed for Successful Company Globalization: Incorporation

For mid-sized businesses that want an international presence, they cannot waste time using a variety of separate systems. Instead, their ERP system should integrate all of the company’s management processes in a global database and give users access to this information in one standard systems. Integrating resources, information, and knowledge increases efficiency and allows for speedy reaction to new market trends.

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