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Download Our White Paper: Learn How to Reduce Food Waste and Increase Efficiency With ERP

Sage ERP X3 helps food companies increase their profits by as much as 10 percent simply by reducing food waste.

Reducing Food Waste WhitepaperEfforts to reduce food waste are motivated in part by sustainability concerns, as some experts estimate that the global food system loses as much as a third of all food grown. As consumers look to food companies for increased sustainability plans, reducing food waste will become crucial to preserving corporate sustainability. Consumers and the industry alike have made it a priority to reduce food waste enormously over the next decade. Wasted food means inefficiency, higher overhead, and reduced profits.

This whitepaper, Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Efficiency with ERP, will show you how you can both reduce waste and save money by using Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3). You will discover:

  • Benefits of Reducing Waste
  • Causes of Food Waste
  • Improvement Through ERP

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Download Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Efficiency with ERP Whitepaper