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Can Manufacturers and Distributors Use Mobile Business Systems?

Published on: Sep 30, 2015

Over the past month we have been discussing the benefits, challenges and argument for using mobile business systems in the workplace. Up until this point, we have focused our discussions on using mobile devices and applications in the office (or for office-related jobs). Mobile technology, however, is not limited to the office or the people who work in the office. Mobile devices and business applications can be used in any environment, including manufacturing and distribution.

Manufacturing and distribution companies function a little differently than the traditional office environment. For starters, much of the work is completed in the warehouse, an environment that is fast-paced, inventory-heavy, and rugged in nature. From receiving inventory to shipping out orders and everything in between, manufacturers and distributors have a lot to manage and cannot be tied down to a desk or computer. For this reason, mobile business systems are not only beneficial to the business, but they are necessary for today’s modern warehouse to survive.

Mobile Business Systems Solve Challenges for Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers and distributors face a unique set of challenges. In addition to finding ways to manage inventory cost-effectively, they also have to ensure the operation is running seamlessly in order to keep customers and business leaders happy. This can be a tall order for many manufacturers and distributors, and keeping your employees tied down to a computer to enter inventory and warehouse management data can result in the loss of valuable time and money in the distribution and manufacturing process.

Out of all the unique challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors, the following are the most common (and most burdensome):

  • Data entry errors leading to inventory inaccuracies
  • Wasted space in the warehouse leading to longer order fulfillment times, higher overhead costs, and low productivity levels
  • Manual and/or redundant processes leading to inefficient processes and longer order fulfillment times
  • Limited warehouse data visibility leading to delays in decision-making

Mobile enterprise software and business systems provide manufacturers and distributors with the ability to solve the above challenges by streamlining processes, automating manual tasks, and offering access to business-critical information. By adopting mobile devices into the warehouse environment, companies can improve their efficiency, increase their awareness of what is going on across the business, and address challenges as they arise instead of waiting until after the fact. All in all, mobile business systems make manufacturers and distributors more effective and more informed, improving their chances of overall business success.

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