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Service Industry

Service Industry

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Sage EM for Service Industries

Your main challenges involve overseeing your customers’ projects, from design through to completion, with a dual customer and operational view, and include:

Centralising all the project-related components and events, and standardising the associated processes.

Simplifying project management and ensuring accurate tracking; a reliable evaluation of the risks and margin throughout the project lifecycle to plan which measures need to be taken.

Measuring project financial performance in order to control jobs, assess their profitability, draw comparisons between current projects, model transactions for tracking, forecasting and managing customers’ projects, and archiving current statements.

Sage Enterprise Management for Services helps you simplify the management of your service activities and keep the operational, sales and financial aspects of your customers’ projects firmly on the radar. Its features are tailored to the needs of professional service companies, especially businesses delivering operational services, such as recruitment and facilities management, or intellectual and technical services.

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