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Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

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ERP for Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturers create products that cannot be distilled back to its basic components. For example, orange juice cannot be made into an orange again. This type of manufacturing is common in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and biotechnology industries.

As a process manufacturer your key business challenge list may center around these key operational areas:

  • Recipe/formula management
  • Optimizing the supply chain
  • Managing the quality process and meeting safety standards
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

To meet challenges faced by process manufacturers, today’s process management software has evolved in to intuitive, responsive and quickly customizable packages that meet the market demands for high quality at lower costs. These best of breed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems help process manufacturers meet exacting regulatory and product standards while creating efficiencies and cost savings.

Sage ERPs help process manufacturers:

  • Build efficiency throughout your processes – from formula and recipe management, to packaging, to managing high volume process transactions.
  • Protects your business by minimizing risks of product recall and provides complete forward and backward lot traceability for each ingredient and end item.
  • Achieve operational excellence through powerful tools that manage customer relationships, planning processes and real-time business intelligence that helps you keep improving operations.

Need help assessing your ERP needs?

However, before rushing into investing in an ERP system you should assess the technological and organizational needs. We hope our resources below will help you identify the key steps you need to take. If you are pressed for time, our IWI Consulting Group team would be happy to help you assess which ERP works best for your business. We provide customized assessments that give businesses sustainable ERP systems that have helped turn businesses around. In our experience, most companies save ten to 30 percent on inventory holding costs alone, a considerable ROI in any circumstance.

With the challenging economic climate today, adopting practices that increase revenues by optimizing operations is a choice that pays.

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