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Non-profit organizations are faced with tough challenges and difficult tasks and oftentimes lack the resources and time to address all of those needs. A common problem is a lack of process support and financial visibility making it difficult to develop new strategies, streamline transactions and overcome challenges to improve processes and adopt best practices.

Charitable organizations often use numerous technologies to track financials and resources across multiple countries, languages and legislations which can make visibility a challenge and developing new strategies difficult. At IWI Consulting Group we help non-profits organize and manage resources so there’s more time to focus on meeting organization goals and creating more effective relationships with funders, volunteers and other organizations.

IWI Consulting Group’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for non-profits helps:

  • Improve efficiency by consolidating technology into a single solution
  • Control the effects of globalization related to international development, business development or changes in management
  • Makes internal and external collaboration easier so you can increase your ability to respond more quickly
  • Improve stakeholder visibility into operating costs and reporting
  • Sage ERP provides single powerful multi-legislation, multi-language and multi-currency system for the NGO enterprise all within a single system

Find out how IWI Consulting Group can help provide visibility to better manage resources so you can spend more time focused on achieving the goals of your nonprofit. Contact us today!

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