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Food Processing

Food Processing

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Sage ERP for Food Manufacturers Builds Profits for Food and Beverage Processors and Distributors

To respond to the fast-paced challenges of the food and beverage industry, you need a business management system that works the way you do.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) that gives you:

  • Real-time visibility when consumer preferences change in response to the latest health craze or a social media trend.
  • Easier ways to comply with ever-evolving government regulations and packaging requirements.
  • The ability to meet the unique needs of your distributors with customized packaging and promotions.

You need a comprehensive enterprise system that promotes innovation, automates tasks, tracks processes and supports flexible supply chain management. IWI Consulting will help you take control of operations from recipe to delivery with Sage ERP for food manufacturers.

Sage ERP for food manufacturers will help you keep-pace with consumer preferences through:

  • Demand management based on seasonal trend buying and consumption patterns.
  • Batch or continuous process recipe management based on incoming materials characteristics to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Production planning for ingredient-specific plants and lines (allergens, organic and more).

Maintain compliance, but be prepared for recalls with:

  • Labeling based on recipe management and supplier certificates of analysis.
  • Automated data collection that supports comprehensive track and trace records.
  • Fully automated lot traceability and tracking through all materials, levels and suppliers.
  • Automated compliance documentation generation.

Offer your best customers programs that will help them sell more product through:

  • Direct store delivery (DSD) and vendor-managed inventory (VMI).
  • The ability to handle many low-volume SKUs as well as some high-volume SKUs throughout planning and execution process.
  • Careful matching of packaging to not only product but customer destination.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) case or pallet tagging to food-service standards, such as radio frequency (RFID) and electronic product codes (EPC).
  • Grow your business and build profits through operational excellence that minimize production errors, wastage, recalls and safety issues with the centralized process management and real-time reporting that Sage ERP delivers.

At IWI Consulting we have the experience you can count on. Contact us about how you can transform your food and beverage processing and distribution business.

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Client Testimonial
“We choose to work with IWI based on their knowledge off the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries surrounding traceability and compliance”
- TakudzwaChinyani, Advantage Health Matters.