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Are You Outgrowing QuickBooks?

50% Off Sage 300 for QuickBooks Users – Promotion Ends March 31, 2017

If you are using QuickBooks for Accounting but find yourself using Excel or standalone systems for reporting, importing data, or other operations for your business, you are creating unnecessary work and creating an environment of disparate systems which leaves you handling your data multiple times while leaving room for errors along with reports often running days-weeks late to not even being run at all.

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At IWI, we help Companies Lost in Data—companies using more than one system to meet their needs, outgrowing their current system, or using lots of Excel files and/or manual processes. We provide a simple 360 degree view of everything from customer service, sales, quotes to orders, inventory, purchasing, costing, forecasting, etc., right through to financials and reports. By bringing all this information together, it allows companies like yours to use all their raw data to make those intelligent business decisions. On average, our clients say we save them 2-4 hours per day while lowering their cost of doing business.

Selecting the best ERP software for your organization is one of the most critical business decisions you will face. One of the top three ERP systems QuickBook buyers consider when they are ready to move beyond QuickBooks is Sage 300cloud.  Learn more about this premier ERP for growing businesses by downloading this Sage 300cloud brochure.