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4 Major Challenges for the Food & Beverage Industry and How Sage X3 Can Help Overcome Them

Published on: Apr 11, 2019

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When it comes to the food and beverage industry, there are a number of unique challenges that they face that other industries don’t have to deal with. This is mainly due to the fact that their job involves managing perishable products, as well as the difficulty of complying with strict regulations. There’s also the ever-looming threat of contamination and recalls – all of which can be overwhelming for a business to manage on their own.

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1. Meeting compliance standards without overspending on budget:

None of the food and beverage businesses prefer to stay away from meeting rigorous compliance like the Safe Foods for Canadian Act (SFCA), but meeting those compliances might overshoot their budget. This is what concerns them when it comes to meeting food standards. Above all these are changing regulations which are not stable forever, so they need to invest a considerable amount on tracking along their supply chain, and if they rely on manpower this process can be time-consuming.

2. Being prepared for product recalls:

Food recalls are like the stock market: not predictable and have to always be prepared. Food and beverage industry players have to be prepared at all times for product recalls as their ingredients come from different sources and we don’t know who will mess up in the supply chain. Again this might need for more money to be invested in technology or business processes which might seem too big for your shoes.

3. Maintaining consistency for customers:

Though customers are not fully aware of how hard a manufacturer works to meet stringent food standards, customer needs, and food preferences, they do care about their end product’s standard and its availability, so we might have to invest in storage and forward supply chain to meet the demand. The challenge for manufacturers will be to stay in control of inventory and to keep their costs down in these changing environments.

4. Satisfying customer’s morals:

In today’s business scenario, manufacturers are not only required to meet government standards, customer demand, and preference but also take into consideration customer morale, due to a wide awareness on climate change and the impact of waste on the environment. Customers in no way want to contribute to these effects indirectly and prefer that their manufacturers be more accountable. For this demand, they need real-time data and adopt a flexible business operation.

These are 4 major challenges, among others, and these might seem challenging only to those using outdated or old food ERP software and business applications. Modern cloud-based food and beverage ERP systems like Sage Enterprise Management (X3) offer many advantages within a single application without the need to update, maintain, or hire a specialist or even adopt new system when you are growing.

With Sage X3 you can have a faster, simpler, and flexible solution. It will help your company achieve optimal growth and success in the food and beverage industry.

  • Faster – X3 streamlines and accelerates your whole business process from procurement to production, warehousing, sales, services, to financial management. Further, it makes it simple for you at every step by delivering faster insight into cost and performance.
  • Simpler – with an intuitive interface, it simplifies your business software infrastructure by unifying different applications, where you can have customized workflows to meet your needs and access the secure cloud data from wherever and whichever platform you prefer.
  • Flexible – X3 offers flexible solutions for ever-changing markets and supports industry-specific processes through cloud solutions, which gives you more control over your data.

Sage X3 (Formerly known as Sage Enterprise Management) has helped businesses that were experiencing rapid growth but lacked the proper management software to accurately keep track of inventory. With Sage X3 they found a complete solution that uses Cloud technology and automation to effectively manage their inventory. Other businesses have experienced issues like data duplication due to the use of more than one software solution that didn’t integrate together properly. Because Sage X3 does everything all in one, there’s no need to worry about issues with cross-integration from other programs.

Another benefit to Sage X3 is its open architecture and ability to integrate with other software solutions.  So even if you’d like to keep an existing software and use it alongside of Sage X3, it will be completely possible and a painless integration.

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