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Growing a non-profit has unique challenges compared to a standard corporation. Generally, many NGOs and non-profits are providing a service to the community or the environment, researching and innovating in a target area, and occasionally selling products, often as a supportive segment for a larger charitable cause. Finding and managing employees and volunteers, board members overseeing operations, sourcing funding and other resources, and garnering support from local businesses and sponsors, are some of the areas that can operate differently within a charitable organization versus a traditional brick-and-mortar store, online retailer, or insurance company. Some ways that non-profits can see growth in their size and their revenue includes bringing on teams of well-reviewed, interviewed, and qualified volunteers, both regular and occasional, who need to meet a requirement for service in the community. Providing learning opportunities, skills training, and adding other benefits adjacent to your cause for volunteers (beyond the goodness they’ll feel in their hearts) is a good way to attract high quality workers who may even stick around after their requirement is met. Having a solid team of paid employees and continually adding to your staff and payroll will also attract potential candidates who want to introduce themselves and their […]

Should you bring in an enterprise resource planning consultant to your project? As you explore the myriad options for a new ERP system, the task can seem overwhelming. Should you go with general ERP or a specific system for food manufacturing, custom manufacturing, or other industries? Although asking a current staff member to assist with an ERP selection may seem like a good idea, they may not have the time or information to make a smart choice. Enterprise resource planning consultants know their systems inside and out and can bring many benefits to the project. An ERP consultant can be especially helpful if you’re shopping around for a replacement system. By explaining to the consultant what you like and dislike about the current system, they can use their industry knowledge to steer you towards software that’s a better fit for your needs. We’re of the belief that you should bring an enterprise resource planning consultant into a project as early as possible, but don’t just take our word for it—listen and reflect on these pros and cons, too. Then you can make your own mind up about hiring and onboarding an ERP consultant. When Working with a Consultant Is Best: […]

Sage X3 is now called Sage Enterprise Management but the product you’ve known and loved offers more than a name change. Now, Sage X3 offers exceptional new features that are making businesses across Canada fall in love with Sage products all over again. What’s New in Sage X3? Sage X3 offers a robust suite of applications to manage your business on a global scale. Financial management, supply chain management, production management, and cloud and mobile features all come together into one application that scales with your business for future growth and development. The latest updates to Sage X3 offer: Faster process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, faster insights into costs and performance. Better management of distributed operations and simpler IT management. Greater flexibility, including customization, configuration and deployment options, in the cloud or on premises. Improvements Over Sage X3 in Production Management Capabilities There are noticeable improvements over previous versions (Sage X3) in the area of production management. For example, in the new Sage X3 system, you can manage all aspects of production from the initial quote to billing all from one dashboard. Optimize production cycles and lead times, manage the supply chain, and improve productivity. […]

The focus and responsibilities of finance managers change with the economic climate. Basic responsibilities always include financial reporting, planning, budgeting, communicating, and restructuring, plus altering strategies when necessary. In all these areas, many companies must be accountable to investors and the board. The more complex the system and the business, the more difficult executing and balancing these tasks becomes. This requires the ability to react, be responsive, flexible, adaptable and scalable. During the economic downturn, and theoretically during any low economic periods, companies need to tighten the purse strings and make cuts where possible. Of course, a business always aims to be the most efficient it can be, but it’s of the utmost importance when the market is unstable or weak. When the most turbulent times have passed, however, taking hold of opportunities for growth is essential to survive (and to weather the next challenges). Companies and CFOs looking to expand their global reach and presence need to research and operate from new perspectives. Finance managers need to think about other cultures, laws, and regulations, and how they can contribute to a business’s growth in new regional markets and contexts. Technologies are constantly changing, and this can pose some challenges […]

Cloud ERP makes it easier for your company to offer exceptional customer service—the kind of service that surprises and delights customers. Mobile devices have changed how individuals interact with the world. Advertisements on kiosks invite us to use our smartphones to scan QR codes for more information. People expect to connect with friends, family, and business colleagues at any time of the day or night. Mobility is no longer a unique proposition; it’s ubiquitous. Companies today are using mobile ERP to integrate ecommerce, streamline the warehouse, and improve sales and customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how cloud ERP is raising the bar for service, increasing sales response time, and improving overall business success. Cloud ERP Software Raises the Bar on Customer Service Cloud applications have made real-time anywhere access a reality for enterprise software and the systems connected to it. Gone are the days when your team was tied to their terminals to answer customer calls, take orders, or respond to customer queries. Employees may be traveling but they can still respond rapidly to customer questions and concerns. Cloud ERP software helps everyone throughout your company improve their ability to provide exceptional customer service. Improving Sales Response […]