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Sage business solutions can help you improve accounting efficiency. What is efficiency? How does your business define efficiency? Every business defines efficiency differently, and every department as well. However, when it comes to accounting efficiency, most accountants focus on three areas to improve efficiency: Time management Technology Work-life balance IWI Consulting Group is offering a new white paper on accounting efficiency. Accounting Efficiency: Surprise Findings If you looked at these three areas, which one do you think presents the biggest challenge for accountants? The answer will surprise you—it’s work-life balance. The white paper previously referenced indicates that over 30% of respondents view work-life balance as their biggest challenge. Following closely on this response, keeping up with technology ranked second and time management, third. After that, other factors involving workflow management, staffing, and keeping up with changing standards, as well as other items, all add to the complicated tangle of issues facing accountants today. Let’s focus exclusively on the top three challenges. Technology, especially Sage software such as Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), Sage Intacct, and Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300), can assist with these concerns. Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture When it comes to […]

The right tools make any job easier, and Sage Intacct is the right tool for handling big data projects and tracking the right KPIs. By 2020, experts predict that the digital universe will hold 44 zettabytes of data. If you’re wondering what a zettabyte is, and how 44 zettabytes translate into actual numbers, that’s exactly 44 trillion gigabytes of social media posts, smart device data, and multimedia content. Big data has certainly captured the imagination of businesses everywhere. Everyone from the C-suite on down expects data; data drives decisions on everything from operations to fulfillment. Data captured at every point throughout the supply chain must be stored, managed, and updated. Add onto that new advances in barcoding technology such as 2D and 3D barcodes, augmented and virtual reality, and other platforms, including social media and mobile, and you’ve got an enormous sea of data. Sage Intacct: Benefits to Your Company Sage Intacct offers many benefits to companies seeking to manage the constant influx of data. With Sage Intacct, you’ll be able to manage your data more efficiently as well as derive valuable insights. Track the Right KPIs Sage Intacct makes it easier to sift through multiple data streams to track the […]

There’s an old acronym in sales: ABC, or “always be closing.” We have a new acronym for you: ABR. It stands for “always be recruiting” and is the new, best way to find top talent for your company. Experts say that it costs up to 50% of an employee’s annual salary to recruit and fill a vacancy. It probably costs more if you factor in the time of screening potential new hires, training time, and more. Costs can also rise if you are recruiting for senior-level positions versus entry-level ones. The old method of finding employees doesn’t work well anymore. You can’t rely on help wanted ads, resumes, reference letters, and a slew of interviews to find your next superstar. Sure, you may use all of these techniques and more, but you need to do more to reach into your networks to find the right people to fill talent vacancies. Companies need the best and brightest employees to innovate in their industries. People are the engine that runs your business. To find the right people, constant recruiting and enacting techniques to keep in front of people who may be interested in working for your company are great ways to always […]

You probably know the signs that tell you when it’s time to get new tires for your car. The tread appears worn. The car starts pulling to the right or to the left. It’s easier to skid on the roads in snow, ice, or rain storms. Sure enough, you check the records, and it’s been four years since you last upgraded your car’s tires. Time for new ones. If only more businesses considered their ERP systems the way drivers consider their automobile tires, there would be less frustration in the business world. ERP systems, like car tires, can become outdated, outmoded, or “worn out.” Is it time to upgrade your ERP system? Signs It’s Time for a Chance: When to Upgrade Your ERP System Best-in-class organizations, or those that perform significantly above industry average, are more likely to upgrade their software than the average organization. If you’re striving for best in class performance, it’s time to “check the tires” of your ERP system and see if you spot any signals that it’s time for an upgrade. Lower productivity: Perhaps the ERP system helped boost productivity when you first installed it. Now, however, it is just getting in the way of […]