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Change is in the air with the new year. It’s time to embrace Sage ERP software and surrender the spreadsheets. If your company has recently purchased Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) or Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300), you’re in good company. Hundreds of businesses trust these software systems for accurate, reliable data. They reduce time and effort spent on data entry and make reporting a breeze for many companies. Yet, despite all the promise found in software like Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) and Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300), some people cling to their spreadsheets. We love what we know, and business people are no different from the person who has always purchased a certain brand of soap or paper towels and refuses to change when the shop no longer has them in stock. Many people forget that spreadsheets weren’t invented for the complex and often complicated reporting we force them into. It takes considerable time and effort to key data into the spreadsheet, set up charts and graphs, and run them accurately. Tracking down a mistake in a spreadsheet that leads to an erroneous graph can take a long time. Spreadsheets, while […]

Inventory Accuracy is Just One Hallmark of a Great Inventory Management System Does your inventory management system have what it takes to boost your business next year? Inventory accuracy is just one part of a great inventory system. Systems such as Sage Inventory Advisor have all the right stuff to maximize profits, minimize losses, and manage your inventory like a pro. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a terrific inventory management system. Why is a good inventory management system important? For most companies, inventory represents a hefty investment of capital. Products remaining idle and collecting dust in the warehouse are costly. Not only does a business pay to produce laggards, it must also pay to warehouse and maintain them. Good inventory management reduces excess goods, maintains adequate stock, and optimizes warehouse space by thoughtful placement of shelves and bins. Inventory management is both an art and a science, fueled by accurate data from inventory systems married to your company’s ERP systems and more. The right inventory management system can help your company control costs and maximize profits no matter what industry you are in. Five Characteristics of Terrific Inventory Management Well-organized inventory: Inventory that is organized well is […]

Customer-centric enterprise software is the latest buzzword, but it’s more than a fad: it’s a competitive strategy to set your business apart. With customer-centric enterprise software, you can focus on adding value to every transaction to build customer relationships. In an age in which information flows freely through electronic devices, customers are a lot savvier about finding vendors with the best price. Competing solely on price offers little when customers can always find the next option online. To truly make your business indispensable to customers, you need a customer-centric approach. Enterprise software that helps you build a customer service-based business model can help you add that special touch to every transaction that keeps customers coming back for more. A new white paper from IWI Consulting, Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Satisfied Customers, is available at no charge to help demystify the concept of customer-centric enterprise resource planning and to help you consider the many benefits to your business. Using Your Enterprise System for Maximum Benefit While all ERP systems offer many benefits, there are specific actions you can take to maximize the benefits of your current enterprise software. Three benefits stand out: Data entry at the point of activity. Standardized […]

What business systems are most important in the era of the empowered customer? Today’s customers are empowered with information: facts, statistics, industry news, global business reports, and more. Any time customers search the web, they can find information that not too long ago resided in specialized databases scattered throughout the world. Now that information can be accessed by almost anyone, anywhere. With all that information comes new challenges. Customers no longer rely on a favored vendor simply because that vendor provides the most comprehensive information about their products or services. Service now stands out as the sole distinguishing factor between companies. It makes good sense to focus on systems and methods that enhance customer service. Business systems in the age of customer empowerment must serve that purpose and truly make a difference in the lives of customers to enhance competitive advantage. Business Systems for Competitive Advantage: Customer-Centric ERP The new buzzword is customer-centric ERP. Best in class organizations, or those who have consistently demonstrated high revenues, lowered costs, and good service utilize a customer-centric ERP model to make their businesses stand out in the crowded marketplace. To these companies, facilitating customer transactions and improving service is the best way to […]