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You’ve heard the old saying, “Knowledge is power.” But did you know that better business intelligence can actually improve your company’s ROI? Knowledge is indeed power, and greater intelligence from your business systems can lead to increased profits over time. These three examples of how better information derived from your business systems can lead to increased ROI may intrigue you. At the end of this information, we present to you a free white paper from Sage Solutions called Conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis for ERP. Download the paper to learn more about how enterprise software can improve your company’s ROI. Better Business Intelligence, Greater Profits: Three Examples Good business systems provide data that can be used to create new business models, understand current problems, and set new objectives. The following three examples of how better business systems and greater intelligence improve ROI may spark your thought processes on how you can use your ERP tools to greater advantage. #1: Develop new business models. When you look at the same data week in and week out, your mind becomes habituated to the picture it paints, and it’s hard to look beyond it to find something new. Often companies become entrenched in existing […]

The Link Between Streamlined Procedures and Profits It may sound strange to link enterprise software with customer satisfaction, but the two are actually closely linked. Enterprise software can reduce errors, shorten the time it takes to discover mistakes, and help team members respond quickly to problems. The results can be improved customer satisfaction, an important part of any business. Happy customers are return customers, and repeat business is the engine that drives profitability. The more you can reduce turnover or churn, the better. Acquisition costs can skyrocket if your churn rate soars. The more you can streamline procedures, the better you can reduce turnover and improve your company’s ROI. Enterprise software can help by streamlining procedures and improving customer satisfaction. Faster Response Time with Enterprise Software Many companies suffer from slow response time. Your sales team will tell you that slow response to customer inquiries or complaints can seriously impact renewals and continued business. To remain competitive, you must meet or exceed customer expectations. That includes exceeding expectations for response time. Enterprise software such as Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) or Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) can help. Formalized processes, procedures and tasks make it easier for your […]

Few companies wish to spend money on product integration solutions, but with Sage 300cloud (formerly Sage Accpac), your investment will pay for itself in terms of accurate, timely data that can be used to inform decision-making. Better Data, Better Decisions = Higher Profits What could your company do with better business intelligence? That’s the question many manufacturers are asking themselves this year as they consider investing in integrated software solutions that will help each of their business areas work together efficiently. The ever-increasing competition among global manufacturers has caused a revolution in how information is used in the industry. Today, manufacturers must produce quality goods at the lowest costs just as they did yesterday. But in order to achieve this objective, they must have accurate, timely data, and an easy way to get it. This improved business intelligence enables companies to make better decisions and improve the bottom line. Manufacturers Face Daily Data Challenges A white paper from IDG Research Services and Sage provides some insights into where manufacturers intend to put their money. Among those surveyed, 63 percent say that challenges to daily operations include collecting business insights to drive business decision-making. Data has always been the lifeblood of […]

“Going mobile” with your enterprise software may be one of your top concerns this year. It certainly reflects one of the most important trends in manufacturing. According to an IDG survey conducted on behalf of Sage; among manufacturers, the top concerns are integrating new technology with legacy systems, automating business processes to better manage cash flow, and using mobile technology to make sales and customer service more efficient. In fact, fully 72 percent of respondents indicated they’ve shifted their priorities to include integrating mobile channels and ecommerce to improve sales and customer service. It’s a big priority, and an important one in an era in which real-time anywhere access via mobile devices has become commonplace. Going Mobile: The Challenges for Enterprise Software A Wasp Barcode Survey of small to midsized businesses indicated that if business owners had unlimited cash to invest in technology, 10 percent would choose implementing a cloud-computing solution. This is probably to address enterprise software needs for mobile access. Cloud computing technology has made real-time anywhere access a reality for enterprise software. Gone are the days when your team was tied to their terminals to answer customer calls, take orders, or respond to customer queries. Today’s sales […]

Sage Summit is the premier annual conference that Sage hosts for its customers and business partners. This year’s conference will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from July 25th – 28th. With expected attendance of nearly 20,000, Sage Summit 2016 is being touted as the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses.  There are more than 300 planned sessions and this summit is open to everyone, not just Sage partners. Don’t miss your chance to network and learn; you can even get certified right there at the summit! Register to design and personalize your Sage Summit 2016 experience. The current line-up of speakers for Sage Summit 2016 is exciting and impressive: Stephen Kelly – Sage Chief Executive Officer Sir Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Group Zooey Deschanel – Actress, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of HelloGiggles Gwyneth Paltrow – Oscar®-winning actress, founder and chief creative officer of goop Robert Herjavec – Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group and investor on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit show “Shark Tank” Daymond John – Founder and CEO of FUBU, star of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” and CEO of Shark Branding Ashton Kutcher – Actor, entrepreneur, tech investor, and producer. Yancey Strickler – Cofounder and CEO of Kickstarter. Evan Carmichael – Entrepreneurial expert Todd […]

ERP systems should include capabilities for business insights, supply chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Research conducted by IDG and published by Sage indicates that an investment into your company’s CRM system may yield positive impacts on your business later. More Manufacturers Investing in CRM Included in the IDG survey was a question about manufacturers’ investments into customer relationship management tools. Among those surveyed, 63 percent invested in technology to help them leverage customer relationship management to increase new sales. Did it work? Fully 76 percent of those who said they invested in their CRM saw an improvement in their business, thanks to their investment. Client Relationship Manager as Part of ERP Systems A good ERP system offers useful, real-time data for decision making. One important part of decision making is customer data provided by a CRM system. A good CRM system integrates sales and marketing dashboards with financial analysis so that the profitability of each account can be measured.  Data collected from a customer relationship management system can then be used to inform decision making. You can offer your best customers a discount knowing you’ll make up the discount in volume, or you can offer other perks to […]