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Do you find that your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software does not adequately connect from your front office to your back office? If so, you are certainly not alone. It is becoming more and more clear that many CRM solutions are not adequately addressing the need for front-to-back office integration throughout businesses in Canada and beyond. Without proper and effective sharing functionality of customer data, processes within the business can be filled with errors and delays that also lead to extra paperwork and unnecessary challenges. With these errors and inefficiencies comes increased transactional costs and decreased customer satisfaction rates. Over the long haul, these can be exponentially harmful to business success. If you are facing an issue with a lack of CRM software integration across the sectors of your Canadian business, there is hope. It is possible to have front-to-back office integration for companies of all shapes and sizes depending on the CRM software solution that is being used. Sage CRM, for example, allows all types of businesses to seamlessly connect their business processes, applications, and data while sharing it effectively and efficiently. This allows businesses to manage customer relationships more effectively, reduce costs, and increase profitability over the long […]

Globalization is the talk of the time and the trend that will ultimately lead to success in a world that is ever expanding in its connectivity. Over the past month, we have looked at rewards and risks of globalizing your business and how enterprise resource planning (ERP) can help. We have also looked at factors needed in such a system. Last week, we started looking at just some of the requirements of an ERP software that lead to international success. These include being a system that is multilingual, that accounts for legal requirements, that is streamlined, that turns information into knowledge, and that is integrated. To learn more about these requirements, visit here. Now, let’s dive into some more important requirements that will lead your company in the Greater Toronto Area or throughout Canada to have success on an international level by exploring what functionality is necessary for mid-sized businesses in terms of their ERP solution. Included CRM Software With the need for transparent and visible customer communication, service, and support services on a global scale, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software within an ERP system is essential. This CRM software can automate customer processes and the professional management of […]

Globalization or internationalization efforts are more essential for businesses than ever before. Over the past two weeks, we have taken a closer look at the rewards and risks of globalizing your business and how enterprise resource planning or ERP software helps with this. We have also looked at success factors needed in a solution designed to withstand the pressures and growth of globalizing. To learn more about these factors, visit here. Success in globalizing is very possible for our clients and others in Toronto and throughout Canada. This success stems from ERP system capabilities that allow for internationalization. Let’s take a closer look at some minimum functionality requirements needed within an ERP software solution that lead to international success. Multilingual An international ERP software solution must be multilingual meaning it can easily process multilingual data including accommodating special characters used by certain languages. This includes invoice text, item descriptions, currency information, and other information that is entered across multiple site locations. Then, this information must be able to be consolidated into country-specific parameters within one system (item names, quantities, currencies, calculations, pricelists, etc.). Accounts for Legal Requirements Commercial, contract, and copyright laws cannot be ignored. All legal requirements must be […]

Last week, we took a look at the rewards and risks associated with companies attempting to globalize. We also discussed how ERP software can respond to these and assist in building the foundation needed to be an international business that has success. You can learn more by visiting here. Now that we know that enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are foundational to mid-sized global business success not only for your business here in Toronto or within Canada but throughout the world, let’s take a closer look at the factors that lead to this success and can assist you in finding an ERP system that fits the bill. The selection and implementation processes associated with this must be carefully prepared and planned, and these factors can help guide you in those processes. ERP Success Factor Needed for Successful Company Globalization: Agility Global competition is tough, and a business must be able to beat out the competition in terms of reaction time and efficiency. In essence, it is all about being agile. Agility can be achieved with ERP software that keeps up with internationalization’s functional and technical demands. Flexibility and simplicity are essential in solutions that can keep up with complex application […]

The process of international integration, also known as globalization, is increasing by the minute. For companies large and small in Toronto, in Canada, and beyond, this can be a concern and challenge with so much pressure to keep up. Mid-sized companies are no different. They, too, feel the pressure of globalization and the increased competition that results from it yet can find many opportunities that result from a globalized business world. Regardless of the size of company that you have, price pressures and fierce competition make this a difficult task. A functional and suitable enterprise resource planning or ERP software solution, such as Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) or Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), that can keep up over the long-term can result in a greater likelihood of success. Let’s take a look at internationalization’s rewards and risks plus how your Greater Toronto Area company can find success in globalizing using ERP software. The Vast Rewards and Inherent Risks of Globalizing your Business One of your many goals as a mid-sized business should be to establish and maintain an international presence, and this comes with many benefits and potential rewards. New sales markets abroad can be tapped […]