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You know the business is doing well when products are getting out the door to happy customers. Sales figures may look good and your sales team indicates that they are busy meeting with new prospects and satisfying existing customers. However, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt your bottom line. Are you just busy or are you profitable? Get to know what you may not know with the built-in business intelligence offered in Sage® ERP. Cursory indicators may suggest that business operations are productive; however, what you may not see is what can hurt you. Bad news does not always travel fast and you may not learn that cash flow is being eaten up by inventory or your warehouse is filling up with slow-moving items that may soon become obsolete. There is a lot going on within your organization and it can be a challenge to keep tabs on key performance indicators, especially when data is spread across several specialty software programs. In order to get the accurate data you need to make the prudent business decisions that drive growth, you need the visibility offered within a robust, integrated business solution like Sage ERP. You can manage all of […]