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Sage 300 Offers More Features than QuickBooks

Published on: Mar 22, 2017

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If QuickBooks isn’t making the grade anymore, consider switching to Sage 300. Sage 300 offers many powerful accounting tools that provide better support for payroll, purchasing, and several other tasks.

Many companies begin automated accounting with QuickBooks. It’s easy to set up, and easy to use. However, as your company grows, so too will its accounting needs. That’s when a more robust accounting package such as Sage 300 comes in handy.

Five Reasons Why Sage 300 Is a Better Choice

There are many reasons why Sage 300 may be a better choice for your accounting and ERP needs than QuickBooks. Some of the reasons why Sage 300 offers more than QuickBooks include:

  1. Customized reporting: QuickBooks has a series of ready-made reports that can be slightly customized by changing pre-set fields. But for more robust reporting, you need to either export data or import it into Excel—hardly a user-friendly alternative. Sage 300 offers many customizable reporting features. With Sage 300 ERP, you can run reports from a template or customize your own reporting solution.
  2. Better security: Intuit has had to upgrade the security around QuickBooks. After moving it from seat-based software to the cloud, the company has had to take greater measures to secure company data. Sage 300 ERP is backed by the enormous security resources of Sage itself, which offers a secure, firewall-protected ring around your data. You’ll sleep better knowing that your company’s information is protected by a well-known company like Sage.
  3. Room to grow: User licenses for Sage 300 range from 1,000 to 4,999 users. QuickBooks Pro, their top business package, maxes out at only 499 users. Clearly, as your company grows, Sage 300 ERP is the better choice. The system can expand to include many more new users.
  4. International support: Another way in which Sage 300 provides better features than QuickBooks Pro is through its support for conducting business across borders, currencies, and languages. QuickBooks can only be configured with one currency and one language at a time. Sage 300 supports multiple languages and currencies. It also offers a currency conversion tool.
  5. Advanced business tools: Sage 300 ERP offers profit analysis tools, budgeting tools, and workflow integration across currencies. It also integrates easily with other Sage products, offering you an enhanced suite of CRM, HR, and other business support tools if you wish to expand into other automated systems. QuickBooks focuses primarily on the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, and while it does offer some business tools, nothing compares to the advanced business tools available in Sage 300 ERP and through additional Sage purchases and integrations.

Ready to Make the Switch? Here’s a Little Something to Make It Easier!

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