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A new year is here, and it’s an ideal time to review your business practices in addition to your personal goals. The retail industry has seen many changes in the last decade, and whether you’re running a brick and mortar store or an online shop, there are always a few key areas to keep an eye on. Take Advantage of an ERP System The retail industry has stayed relatively static with operations and management practices for a long time. Sellers and suppliers used to determine what consumers should buy and how they can shop. Now, customers are the driving force for the shopping experience, and if you don’t meet their needs, it’s easy to browse for competitors who will. It’s important to use data to your advantage and seek business management software support that can help integrate and inform all areas of your business. IWI Consulting Group provides leading retail management solutions and omnichannel platforms. They include the top enterprise resource planning systems operating in the cloud for secure and accurate data collection, analysis, and easy access for employees in all departments. Our consulting experts can help you tailor a solution and train your teams to use it effectively, with […]

New small businesses face unique financial management challenges because they don’t share the same advantages that larger corporations do in the marketplace. Cash flow is a primary concern. Even with a promising product or service that is performing well, and deals being made that will pay out in the future, there is still a limited amount of cash on hand to pay for current expenses. Owners may not receive a steady income for an uncomfortable length of time because paying employees and the bills come first. Small businesses also often report having problems in the areas of credit availability, making payments on loans and debt, fulfilling on contracts with purchasing, rising manpower costs, the cost of technology and IT departments, and simply paying operating expenses. Unforeseen expenses are difficult to plan for. Inefficiencies in the supply chain can occur that better management could help fix. In the foreground of all these issues is the matter of attracting and retaining customers. One robust solution that can help make a big difference for struggling and ambitious small businesses is a financial management system that operates in the cloud. Many new companies are taking advantage of the security, flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings of […]

The early stages of a start-up are an exciting time filled with hopes and fears alike. You have an idea that people really need and will find greatly useful. Planning and executing your innovative, unique, and possibly risky idea can be thrilling, but it requires a delicate balancing of sober preparation and careful management with bold moves and forward momentum. Accessing the right resources and expertise, research, and finding the best people are the foundation for success. IWI Consulting Group can assist your start-up with local and global ERP solutions that will help your company thrive from the get-go. Start-ups rely on creating great customer relationships early on, even in the development stages, and we can help you make sense of early, preliminary data and use it strategically to continue to stay ahead. Adopt a Custom ERP System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a business-wide, real-time system that helps you integrate your operations and run all aspects and processes of your company. You can track materials, monitor the supply chain, check on orders, inventory, sales, schedules, access employee information, manage human resources, increase the efficiency of financials, improve customer relationship management, and more. Modern systems provide access through a […]

Sage ERP, along with innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), is changing how manufacturers view and use best practices. The Internet of Things is the interconnectivity of devices and objects in which software is embedded to track data. Through the IoT, networks can include buildings, vehicles, software, and more. The data derived from the IoT can improve delivery times, production management, safety, and much more, depending on how it is used. Used wisely, the IoT—along with Sage ERP—can provide you with unprecedented amounts of data that can help you manage all aspects of your business better. Monitor Shop Floors One of the innovations affecting manufacturing from the IoT is the ability to monitor conditions on the shop floor. Sensors embedded in equipment, pallets, trucks, and other devices can relay information and make adjustments based on real-time data. For example, think about plant equipment that can get hot during operations. Plant equipment sends temperature data to the HVAC controls, which understands that the rising temperatures may affect quality output. It then adjusts the fans to blow cool air over specific equipment in use, and keep the temperature at an optimal level, so that outputs maintain quality standards. Such equipment […]