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Non-profits by their very nature face specialized issues and circumstances that require mission-focused management and strong teambuilding. Utilizing the help of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help immensely with the nitty-gritty of operations, financial management, human resources, donations, and more. While running a successful non-profit or non-governmental organization takes a wide variety of skills and competencies, there are a few core areas to strengthen to form a solid base on which to build. At IWI Consulting Group, we assist non-profits and businesses with adopting and tailoring an ERP system to improve their efficiency, productivity, and integrate all areas of their operations. As a Sage Business Partner, we can provide Sage 300cloud support in Toronto and help with a whole range of other Sage software solutions for small- and medium-sized companies. Our core areas of focus are ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources management systems (HRMS), plus IT networking assistance. We’re invested in the success of your non-profit and management strategies. The following three areas of focus will help you bolster your organizational cohesion, focus, managing capabilities, and more. 1. Know Your Mission Most businesses have at least a general idea of their values and the messaging they […]

New small businesses face unique financial management challenges because they don’t share the same advantages that larger corporations do in the marketplace. Cash flow is a primary concern. Even with a promising product or service that is performing well, and deals being made that will pay out in the future, there is still a limited amount of cash on hand to pay for current expenses. Owners may not receive a steady income for an uncomfortable length of time because paying employees and the bills come first. Small businesses also often report having problems in the areas of credit availability, making payments on loans and debt, fulfilling on contracts with purchasing, rising manpower costs, the cost of technology and IT departments, and simply paying operating expenses. Unforeseen expenses are difficult to plan for. Inefficiencies in the supply chain can occur that better management could help fix. In the foreground of all these issues is the matter of attracting and retaining customers. One robust solution that can help make a big difference for struggling and ambitious small businesses is a financial management system that operates in the cloud. Many new companies are taking advantage of the security, flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings of […]

The early stages of a start-up are an exciting time filled with hopes and fears alike. You have an idea that people really need and will find greatly useful. Planning and executing your innovative, unique, and possibly risky idea can be thrilling, but it requires a delicate balancing of sober preparation and careful management with bold moves and forward momentum. Accessing the right resources and expertise, research, and finding the best people are the foundation for success. IWI Consulting Group can assist your start-up with local and global ERP solutions that will help your company thrive from the get-go. Start-ups rely on creating great customer relationships early on, even in the development stages, and we can help you make sense of early, preliminary data and use it strategically to continue to stay ahead. Adopt a Custom ERP System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a business-wide, real-time system that helps you integrate your operations and run all aspects and processes of your company. You can track materials, monitor the supply chain, check on orders, inventory, sales, schedules, access employee information, manage human resources, increase the efficiency of financials, improve customer relationship management, and more. Modern systems provide access through a […]

Business intelligence software adds considerable value to business environments in which complex streams of data must converge in order to be analyzed and used. CRM systems, ERP systems, inventory management systems and more all provide a high volume of data. A good business intelligence system such as Sage Intelligence can take that data and make it easy for decision-makers to understand and use. Sage Intelligence offers an Excel-based method of sourcing, integrating, and manipulating data so that it can inform decisions. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is web-based. Companies using business intelligence tools are 5x more likely to make swift decisions, possibly because they have the data they need at their fingertips to empower them to make choices. The Benefits of Business Intelligence Software There are many benefits of using business intelligence software. More accurate forecasts: With better business data, you can forecast sales and manufacturing needs closer to actual. This tightens up your processes and helps to eliminate wasteful spending. Better decisions: Accurate, timely data feeding into a business intelligence system can help you make better decisions throughout your company. When you have confidence in your data, you have confidence in your decisions. Tighter alignment with the market: Confidence in sales […]

You can improve your business intelligence presentations to executives, directors, peers, and subordinates by using tips and techniques found in the world of education. Many people are unfamiliar with the term “learning styles” but understanding this core concept and applying it to your presentation techniques will help you deliver better presentations that resonate with your audience. What Are Learning Styles? Educational theorists created a system of learning styles to describe the ways in which people prefer to learn. Your learning style is innate, and you probably recognize your own style in the descriptions below. Most people have a predominant style that they naturally gravitate towards when engaged in self-directed learning. Because the Western school system is heavily auditory (lecture-based) and visual (textbooks), many people who are kinesthetic or tactile learners learned early on to compensate by relying heavily on their secondary preference. No matter what your preference, there’s no one right or wrong way to learn. The three basic learning styles are described as: Auditory: Auditory learners need to hear information to process it. They understand business intelligence most during your presentation and retain information best when it is spoken aloud. Visual: Visual learners learn best by seeing information in […]

At IWI Consulting, we want your business intelligence programs to be successful. BI is more than software; it’s a way of thinking about your business. To help you make your business intelligence projects a smashing success, we’ve put together a resource for you. Better Visibility, Extraordinary Decision Support: In this paper, you’ll gain additional insights and tips for using business intelligence to uncover data and insights to drive better decisions. Seven Tips to Make Your BI Program a Smashing Success Implementing any new business technology can be challenging. There’s a learning curve as people get used to the new technology and, no matter how simple and user-friendly the technology, people do need time to get used to it. Others may find themselves overwhelmed with the riches of information now available through good business intelligence systems. If you’re among either camp, or you’re in charge of implementing a new business intelligence solution for your company, the following seven tips will help you get your new business intelligence project off the ground and running: Leverage existing information and structures: Your new BI system should have integrated with existing structures such as your ERP system. You can leverage existing training resources, templates, reports, […]

A new white paper from IWI Consulting, “Great Visibility and Better Business Decisions,” provides details on how businesses can transform their decision-making processes through the use of data derived from systems such as Sage Business Intelligence. Sage Business Intelligence draws information from Sage 300 and Sage ERP X3, tying multiple databases together into one robust system. The result can break down department silos, as the report states, improve productivity and efficiency, and increase your profits. Why Do Silos Occur in Business? Business silos are something with which many people are familiar. Departments cling to their data and make others run circles to access it. In other scenarios, the data exists, but only one or two people know how to run the specific system to access it. The resulting information bottlenecks can throw off schedules, decrease productivity, and derail efforts at creating data-driven cultures. Silos can be a result of poor technology infrastructure as well as people’s emotions and psyches invested in their role as gatekeeper over information. Some people subtly cling to older systems because their ability to access data gives them power in an organization. Others simply don’t know that alternatives exist. If your company has always operated in […]

Many companies seek to become “data-driven” enterprises. Business intelligence solutions can be an integral part of a data-driven culture. Their user-friendliness ensures that even the “non techie” people in your organization can learn how to use them for maximum benefit. Creating a Data-Driven Culture Many companies in the manufacturing area are transforming how they make decisions. Changing towards a data-driven culture may not be easy, but business intelligence solutions can make it easier. The right business intelligence solutions combine accurate data, real-time updates, and simple dashboards that make logical sense for even novices to navigate. Such dashboards enable everyone—at all levels of the organization—to find, use, and understand the data inputted into the system. To create a data-driven culture, data must not only be freely available to all, but it must be easy to use. Without ease of use, data remains untapped. Priority must be given to installing systems that work well for the majority of users. Weaning Users Away from Spreadsheets Many businesses have used spreadsheets to capture, analyze, and manipulate data. Spreadsheets are readily available, easy to use, and inexpensive. However, they lack the power that business intelligence solutions provide, and are open to mistakes. Most spreadsheets require […]

If you’ve shied away from ERP systems because of rumors that their business intelligence solutions were too complex, it’s time to re-evaluate that concept. Today’s business intelligence solutions easily transform multiple data sources from throughout your company into meaningful information. A new white paper from IWI Consulting offers additional insights into the application and use of ERP systems for business intelligence. Embedded Business Intelligence Solutions Newer systems embed business intelligence solutions within the framework of the system. This makes it much easier to aggregate multiple data sources and run reports specific to your needs. Such reports can take a “big picture” view and report on factors from different areas within the company. According to the new white paper offered by IWI Consulting, the top applications embedded in business intelligence solutions include: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Customer relationship management (CRM) Financial and accounting systems Supply chain management Marketing automation Among these types of software, BI is most frequently paired with ERP solutions. Studies indicate that businesses who use a combined, integrated ERP and business intelligence solution are on average twice as likely to gain real-time insights into the status of all business processes. This is a boon for business efficiency, productivity, […]

Many business owners seek a competitive advantage through better business intelligence. Business intelligence solutions, such as Sage Enterprise Intelligence can provide you with big-picture data of your organization’s performance. Such data enhances your ability to make timely, accurate, and judicious decisions. These decisions aren’t limited to the big picture, however. Every portion of your business, from the warehouse floor to the manufacturing area, benefits. The more data your managers have, the better they can do their jobs. There are many surprising benefits to be derived from the implementation of new business intelligence solutions. Sage commissioned Forrester Research to analyze data from a representative sample of companies on their implementation of Sage ERP X3. The resulting analysis showed abundant benefits and cost-savings. Some, however, were surprising. Three Surprising Benefits from the Implementation of Sage X3 and Enterprise Intelligence There are dozens of benefits your company gains from implementing business intelligence solutions. But three surprising areas include: Automating compliance Improving processes Enhancing availability of data. Automating compliance: Many companies have stringent approval processes over items such as discounts, price breaks, returns, and other areas that directly impact the bottom line. Workers, however, find themselves chasing down managers for approvals, sending myriad reminder […]